Realm of Heroes

Current Timeline

Late 800s DR The Spell Plague ended around 500 years ago.
1358 DR / 0 PR The Era of Upheaval began (PR is Present Reckoning and begins count here)
1462 DR / 104 PR The Sundering
376 PR The Heroes Four Defeated some Evil. (No one really knows what it was.)
402 PR The Cult of the Dragon ran amok in the northern lands of The Sword Coast. Things seem to have calmed down last year. The DragonSworn
403 PR The Order of the Gauntlet was reformed and have begun opening chapters across Faerun
403 PR Last year the Pirate Lord Ohcrond (Ah-cra-nd) “WroughtIron” was killed and the Drow Mettz’r “BlackShadow” was chosen by the Pirate Lords to take his place.
404 PR There have been rumors about strange events occurring in Amn’s neighbor to the south Tethyr.
Current Time is late 404 PR


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