Realm of Heroes

Session "0"

The first ride on The Miss Adventure

Pirate Lords- Ioma Island is their base, and Skaug is their port city.
Blackshadow-was Wroughtiron’s first mate, and has taken his place as one of the Pirate Lords. She may have had a hand in his death.

We decide to ransack Wroughtiron’s newly dug tomb. There were acid pits, and spiders, and we gained a rather unhelpful and sardonic pet Spectator who goes by the name of Winkie. A companion of ours, Sannl, had an interesting interaction with the ghostly projection of the deceased Pirate Lord, though he refused to comment on it further. I stole a large brass telescope for the ship.

In the tomb chamber itself, we faced a puzzle, which we easily defeated and which revealed a hidden chamber. In that chamber were magical grappling hooks-one for each crew member. The rogue seemed fixated on looking in every nook and cranny-so he opened one of the many other tombs in the chamber. A fight with the undead ensued, the likes of which I’d not like to repeat.

There was some discussion about the possibility of taking the top of the sarcophagus marked out for Black Shadow-and somehow mailing it to her as a mysterious and dire warning- but it was overruled as impractical.

Our take from the tomb was 1107 gp , 300 gp in other valuables, a few bolts of silk, 3 barrels of rum, 3 of ale, 2 of highly flammable rice wine, and a treasure/ star map which will take many nights of intense study for me to decipher- I’d estimate about ten.

The bolts of silk I will take to a good seamstress and trade them for payment on a standard. It’s past time this company had a good flag to represent it. Much of the rest of the haul will go toward repairs on the ship, with 200 gp for each crew member that participated in this mission, as is standard.


WillisP123 Vaelentine

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