Realm of Heroes

Session "1"

The call of a Merchant Lord

Hestian Brom- Merchant Lord, and one of the rulers of Amn’s largest city. The city of gold and trade, Athkatla. He asked us to visit the southern city of Velen, and check in on his cousin Alane Aladi, the current Lady of that city-there’s been some trouble getting their regular shipments of goods, starting about a month ago. He offered us 200 gp each to find the problem, deal with it, and then return to him with news of it’s elimination.

We decided to wet dock the ship about a half day’s march from the town, in a small cove where it hopefully won’t be disturbed. Winkie, who has taken a liking to the crow’s nest and agreed to stay with the ship so long as the chest he was summoned to guard remains safely locked within the hold, gave absolutely no help other than to chide us for our poor eyesight. Why the crew ever voted to make HIM the symbol on the company’s flag, I have no idea. Ah well, the stichery’s finished, as they say so that’s that.

As we came into the town, we noticed an odd red haze about the area. The townsfolk barely acknowledged us, if they noticed at all. We made our way to the manor Hestian Brom had told us to look for, and shanghai’d a random townsperson on the way. In a poorly planned experiment, we ended up locking the poor woman in an outbuilding to see if the effects of what appeared to be a miasma would wear off. They did not. We left her there for her own safety.

Alane Aladi is exactly how Hestian Brom described her, if a little sharp tongued. She gave us a key to the lighthouse where the dangerous red light seems to be coming from, and told us the red light first appeared there after the return of one of the ships that had been previously lost. Thankfully, it appears that the manor blocks the effects of the magic somehow, so at least she’ll be safe while we investigate the lighthouse.

When we cleared most of the lighthouse of the demons we found inside. We then went into the basement where we found a spine devil being used to power the spell producing the malevolent red light. We broke his containment, expecting a fight…but the devil simply disappeared.

Returning to the manner, we find an entirely different person sitting in the throne. What I can only describe as a celestial succubus oppresses us with the weight of her divine aura-disregarding any attempt to fight her.

A deva appears, wielding a hammer engraved with the same symbol as mine, and I experience a flash of vision connecting him with the loss of my memory. The woman who was impersonating Alane summons a shadow demon, and engages with the deva, their battle drawing them high into the air and shattering the glass dome high above.

We deal with the shadow demon-the sunlight filtering in from the broken dome greatly aiding in our battle. The deva manages to drive off his opponent, and lands back in front of us.


WillisP123 Vaelentine

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