Realm of Heroes

Sesson "2"

An encounter with a rival company

The deva explains some things for us. The corrupted celestial is named Del’th Zavr. She was formed from Malkizid, a fallen solar and servant of Bhaal. Her aim is to attack Mith’dranor, and to that end she is gathering an army of demons. When I tried to to question him about our connection, a look of recognition passes across his face and his eyes flash green. He mumbles something about being needed elsewhere, and flits away.

In the basement of the manor, we find Alane and her house wizard locked up in the dungeon. She tells us that Del’th Zavr came in on the ship Darkwater, which was sent to Racaba in the Pirate Islands and came back loaded with demons. Alane tells us the corrupted celestial was interested in Hestian Brom, and questioned her about her cousin thoroughly. The Lady Alane compensates us with magical items from her personal vault.

Outside, the Darkwater is still docked at the pier. Searching it, we find a map of the pirate islands, and three scroll cases that are sealed shut. Brognar had a close encounter with a very pungent aroma of dead squid…which caused Dephyic to vomit. I chose to bull my way out of the side of the cabin to avoid the smell…no pun intended.

When we approach our own ship, Winkie-helpful that he is- informs us that there is someone on our boat. This causes Kruge to row like a maniac. Brognar opts to swim out to the ship. The two goliaths and I rush the ship, with Sannl turning into a spider and using the ceiling to get belowdecks. The rogue, Merrick, simply locks himself into his quarters to sleep off the encounter.

We encounter an elf named Abdeleayn trying to hide under Brognar’s bed. Sannl webs her to the post so we may question her. She is on the run from the pirate lord Silverarrow, and offers us a forged gilded mark (which would protect us from pirate attacks) as payment for passage away. We tentatively allow her aboard, but run afoul of a pirate ship that doesn’t respect the forged mark we’re flying. Our first ship battle ensues.

After the battle is decided, we search the pirate ship-I find a poster with Abdeleayn’s face and the words Wanted: Dead. We decide to continue to trust her-she didn’t betray us in the fight, and was helpful during the battle. However, we’re still unsure if her intentions are true, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

Continuing on our way, we’re waylaid again with Athkatla in sight. The group- Aquirers Investigating-are a rival group that does the same thing we do. But they’re franchised. So we hate them. Brognar and their female barbarian enter into what can only be described as a mating dance, and I’m fairly certain he came out engaged. Note to self: send flowers to the wedding. Their Paladin climbed into the crow’s nest after Dephic, and Winkie death rayed him in defense of his closest….acquaintance. The group was sent to stop us from reaching our client (Hestian Brom) with the news that his cousin was safe and the town was restored. Something smells foul here.

We dock in Athkatla and make our way back to the Merchant Lords. We inform Hestian Brom of everything that happened in Velen, and that we suspect that someone is trying to keep that information from him.


WillisP123 Vaelentine

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