Realm of Heroes

Session "5"
Are you out of your mind!?

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Alasti is mediating on a rock in the center of a pool when we arrive at her grove. Or what passes for a grove for a druid so close to a large sprawling urban area, I guess. Sannl transforms into an otter and skips across the surface with the staff in her mouth. Alasti takes the staff in her hands…and immediately breaks it, yanking the orb from the top and tossing the apparently useless wooden staff into the underbrush. She says that there, it will return to the forest and the circle of life, but I’ve seen the state of her grove. I’m betting she’s a secret slob.

As payment for bringing her the artifact, she tells us of El’shadahr, a contact of hers in Mith’lahrast. He will be waiting for us in the Elves’ Ears Tavern. She also gives us a horn of blasting for our trouble.

Back in Athkatla, we are reuninted with Dephic and Merrick, who regale us with tales of their time off the ship. Note to self, never send a halfing to retrieve another halfling. Especially from a pipeweed and ale festival. Dephic apparently started losing at dice, decided to use the cube of wonder. He ended up casting confusion on himself, and wandering the streets naked, praising the cube.

In a flash of inspiration, I present the demonic dagger to Dephic, glad to be rid of it. He unsheathes it, and disturbed, quickly passes it off to the rogue who seems perfectly at home with a sentient knife spewing vitriol a him. I am unsure if I should be concerned. Sannl directs Brognar to “Take Nothing for Granite” to commission a stone masterwork club for himself.

We are attacked by fish people under the rising light of the third moon. By morning, we make it to the docking port for Mith’lahrast. The bartender of the Elves’ Ears tells us that el’shadahr doesn’t usually come in until after the sun sets. Abdelyn eavesdrops on the room at large, overhearing something about some recent dissappearances. The bartender directs us to the local temple, which serves no deity in particular, where the priest De’lvar may be able to assist us further. The bartender also supplies the information that the symbol on my hammer belongs to the goddess of the sea, Umberlee.

Being in the temple warms something small and strong in the depths of my heart. I suppose I should start attributing that feeling to my sense of the divine. Brognar polls the elves in the temple about the dissappearances, and turns up the information that there are 17 people currently missing, none of them children or elderly, and with no discernable pattern other than them being taken from the egdes of town. Dephic prompts the priest on my behalf to look at the ancient scroll I carry, and unfortuanely doesn’t have much to tell me other than the fact that the language predates him, and that he is 500 years old. He tells me the scholars of Mith’dranor might be of better service. He also tells us that Som’thin Or’other, who runs the local farmer’s market, might have more information for us about the missing people.

In the market, we learn that a youngling was recently found wandering the fields just outside town. His family had been taken in the night, and his mind was obviously broken. Som’thin provides us with a crude map of the recent attacks.

We head back to the tavern as the sun dips below the horizon, and are just in time to spot an elvish form dressed in all black slipping in the tavern door. He takes a seat in the back, where the light of the torches don’t quite reach and the bartender brings him an ale, obviously used to this behavior. Brognar deduced that this must be the person we were sent to meet, and pulls up a chair at his table, uninvited. What turns out to be a drow responds unfavorably to Brognar’s cries of “Goliath Elf!” and the poor table comes away from the encounter with a few more notches in it’s surface.

Once we explain (everything) we are there for, the drow tells us that though he is familiar with the name Mal’kizid, it’s not one he’s heard in a very long time. He tells us more of the origin of Del’th Zavr, and that he has heard of the deom attacks in the pirate islands, but that his organization, the Zenthirim, haven’t heard of anything to do with fallen solars. He agrees to place our information in the ears that will make the best use of it if we will help to recover a female friend of his, who is among the missing. There were elves seen near the castle Or’ith ’Haskar, so that may be our next point of interest.

We decide to set a trap, and bait it with an elf. Luckily, we have one already in the party. abdelyn ‘farms’ late into the night, with Sannl nearby in cow form, both for her protection and our insurance. At the first sign of danger, Abdelyn let off a whistling arrow, and the party rushed to do battle with would-be kidnappers. Most of us used the door. Brognar bust through the side of the cabin wall. Note to self: be sure he reimburses that family for breaking their home. If any of them survive to be rescued, at least.

We fight off two disgusting Intellect devourers. Brognar falls prey to one of them, and his intellect is even further lowered. We shanghai a couple of carts from the farm to haul our drooling companion and the bodies back to town. The drow tells us that ID’s are usually minnions of ilithis or mind flayers. The priest in the temple is able to restore Brognar to his original Intelligence for 50gp. Unfortunately, he was unable to raise it any further than that.

Session "3"
Swamp water smell never comes out of robes.

We spent the next few weeks staying close to Athkatla, and doing odd jobs around the area. I think we’ve had our fill of pirates for a while. A druid contact of Sannl’s, Alasti, gets in touch, saying she has information regarding people we might contact for help in Mith’lhrast, it being the closest elvan settlement, and probably our next point in the trail to Mith’dranor. Alasti will give us this information, if we will do something for her.

The Emerald Enclave, which Alasti belongs to, wishes her to acquire a nearby elemental relic that has recently become active. The Enclave doesn’t wish it to fall into the wrong hands, and they’ve tasked us with retrieving it. To the north, in the Cloudpeaks, is the river valley of [[St. Carwell’s Vale | St Carwell’s Vale]], where we will find the artifact.

Idrys, a human ranger, and her wolf Mara join us as guides through the river valley. Merrick and Dephyic decide to sit this job out-no doubt due to the pipeweed and beer festival that’s going to be in town. When we arrive at the location, we note that the air is surprisingly fresh and the water astoundingly clear for what is obviously a swamp. The plants are lush and fertile. Idrys tells us the area has recently become known for its healing waters.

We are attacked by a few bullywogs, which are no match for us, and then a band of orcs. Because of his previous kinsman, Brognar attempts to speak to them in Orcish as brothers, but they are more interested in claiming the land as their own.

Near the center of the valley, we came across a set of four pillars, one broken, which surround an alter-like object. A rattling sound comes from behind them, which turns out to be a party of yuan-ti, set on defending the area as sacred to their god Salazar. Brognar attempts to break a pillar and use it as a stone club, but is largely unsuccessful. Kruge attempts to open the sarcophagus alter, but is shocked by a lightning trap. After dealing with the yuan-ti, Brognar tries himself to open the container, and is continually shocked by it until Sannl is able to read the writing on the side and enter the secret knock that disables the trap. Inside is a long, gnarled staff. The crystal on top is filled with a clear glowing liquid. This is the staff of [[St. Carwell | St. Carwell]], also known as the Staff of Clear Water. As it is removed from its resting place, murk starts to creep into the water surrounding the pedestal.

Sesson "2"
An encounter with a rival company

The deva explains some things for us. The corrupted celestial is named Del’th Zavr. She was formed from Malkizid, a fallen solar and servant of Bhaal. Her aim is to attack Mith’dranor, and to that end she is gathering an army of demons. When I tried to to question him about our connection, a look of recognition passes across his face and his eyes flash green. He mumbles something about being needed elsewhere, and flits away.

In the basement of the manor, we find Alane and her house wizard locked up in the dungeon. She tells us that Del’th Zavr came in on the ship Darkwater, which was sent to Racaba in the Pirate Islands and came back loaded with demons. Alane tells us the corrupted celestial was interested in Hestian Brom, and questioned her about her cousin thoroughly. The Lady Alane compensates us with magical items from her personal vault.

Outside, the Darkwater is still docked at the pier. Searching it, we find a map of the pirate islands, and three scroll cases that are sealed shut. Brognar had a close encounter with a very pungent aroma of dead squid…which caused Dephyic to vomit. I chose to bull my way out of the side of the cabin to avoid the smell…no pun intended.

When we approach our own ship, Winkie-helpful that he is- informs us that there is someone on our boat. This causes Kruge to row like a maniac. Brognar opts to swim out to the ship. The two goliaths and I rush the ship, with Sannl turning into a spider and using the ceiling to get belowdecks. The rogue, Merrick, simply locks himself into his quarters to sleep off the encounter.

We encounter an elf named Abdeleayn trying to hide under Brognar’s bed. Sannl webs her to the post so we may question her. She is on the run from the pirate lord Silverarrow, and offers us a forged gilded mark (which would protect us from pirate attacks) as payment for passage away. We tentatively allow her aboard, but run afoul of a pirate ship that doesn’t respect the forged mark we’re flying. Our first ship battle ensues.

After the battle is decided, we search the pirate ship-I find a poster with Abdeleayn’s face and the words Wanted: Dead. We decide to continue to trust her-she didn’t betray us in the fight, and was helpful during the battle. However, we’re still unsure if her intentions are true, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

Continuing on our way, we’re waylaid again with Athkatla in sight. The group- Aquirers Investigating-are a rival group that does the same thing we do. But they’re franchised. So we hate them. Brognar and their female barbarian enter into what can only be described as a mating dance, and I’m fairly certain he came out engaged. Note to self: send flowers to the wedding. Their Paladin climbed into the crow’s nest after Dephic, and Winkie death rayed him in defense of his closest….acquaintance. The group was sent to stop us from reaching our client (Hestian Brom) with the news that his cousin was safe and the town was restored. Something smells foul here.

We dock in Athkatla and make our way back to the Merchant Lords. We inform Hestian Brom of everything that happened in Velen, and that we suspect that someone is trying to keep that information from him.

Session "1"
The call of a Merchant Lord

Hestian Brom- Merchant Lord, and one of the rulers of Amn’s largest city. The city of gold and trade, Athkatla. He asked us to visit the southern city of Velen, and check in on his cousin Alane Aladi, the current Lady of that city-there’s been some trouble getting their regular shipments of goods, starting about a month ago. He offered us 200 gp each to find the problem, deal with it, and then return to him with news of it’s elimination.

We decided to wet dock the ship about a half day’s march from the town, in a small cove where it hopefully won’t be disturbed. Winkie, who has taken a liking to the crow’s nest and agreed to stay with the ship so long as the chest he was summoned to guard remains safely locked within the hold, gave absolutely no help other than to chide us for our poor eyesight. Why the crew ever voted to make HIM the symbol on the company’s flag, I have no idea. Ah well, the stichery’s finished, as they say so that’s that.

As we came into the town, we noticed an odd red haze about the area. The townsfolk barely acknowledged us, if they noticed at all. We made our way to the manor Hestian Brom had told us to look for, and shanghai’d a random townsperson on the way. In a poorly planned experiment, we ended up locking the poor woman in an outbuilding to see if the effects of what appeared to be a miasma would wear off. They did not. We left her there for her own safety.

Alane Aladi is exactly how Hestian Brom described her, if a little sharp tongued. She gave us a key to the lighthouse where the dangerous red light seems to be coming from, and told us the red light first appeared there after the return of one of the ships that had been previously lost. Thankfully, it appears that the manor blocks the effects of the magic somehow, so at least she’ll be safe while we investigate the lighthouse.

When we cleared most of the lighthouse of the demons we found inside. We then went into the basement where we found a spine devil being used to power the spell producing the malevolent red light. We broke his containment, expecting a fight…but the devil simply disappeared.

Returning to the manner, we find an entirely different person sitting in the throne. What I can only describe as a celestial succubus oppresses us with the weight of her divine aura-disregarding any attempt to fight her.

A deva appears, wielding a hammer engraved with the same symbol as mine, and I experience a flash of vision connecting him with the loss of my memory. The woman who was impersonating Alane summons a shadow demon, and engages with the deva, their battle drawing them high into the air and shattering the glass dome high above.

We deal with the shadow demon-the sunlight filtering in from the broken dome greatly aiding in our battle. The deva manages to drive off his opponent, and lands back in front of us.

Session "0"
The first ride on The Miss Adventure

Pirate Lords- Ioma Island is their base, and Skaug is their port city.
Blackshadow-was Wroughtiron’s first mate, and has taken his place as one of the Pirate Lords. She may have had a hand in his death.

We decide to ransack Wroughtiron’s newly dug tomb. There were acid pits, and spiders, and we gained a rather unhelpful and sardonic pet Spectator who goes by the name of Winkie. A companion of ours, Sannl, had an interesting interaction with the ghostly projection of the deceased Pirate Lord, though he refused to comment on it further. I stole a large brass telescope for the ship.

In the tomb chamber itself, we faced a puzzle, which we easily defeated and which revealed a hidden chamber. In that chamber were magical grappling hooks-one for each crew member. The rogue seemed fixated on looking in every nook and cranny-so he opened one of the many other tombs in the chamber. A fight with the undead ensued, the likes of which I’d not like to repeat.

There was some discussion about the possibility of taking the top of the sarcophagus marked out for Black Shadow-and somehow mailing it to her as a mysterious and dire warning- but it was overruled as impractical.

Our take from the tomb was 1107 gp , 300 gp in other valuables, a few bolts of silk, 3 barrels of rum, 3 of ale, 2 of highly flammable rice wine, and a treasure/ star map which will take many nights of intense study for me to decipher- I’d estimate about ten.

The bolts of silk I will take to a good seamstress and trade them for payment on a standard. It’s past time this company had a good flag to represent it. Much of the rest of the haul will go toward repairs on the ship, with 200 gp for each crew member that participated in this mission, as is standard.

Current Timeline

Late 800s DR The Spell Plague ended around 500 years ago.
1358 DR / 0 PR The Era of Upheaval began (PR is Present Reckoning and begins count here)
1462 DR / 104 PR The Sundering
376 PR The Heroes Four Defeated some Evil. (No one really knows what it was.)
402 PR The Cult of the Dragon ran amok in the northern lands of The Sword Coast. Things seem to have calmed down last year. The DragonSworn
403 PR The Order of the Gauntlet was reformed and have begun opening chapters across Faerun
403 PR Last year the Pirate Lord Ohcrond (Ah-cra-nd) “WroughtIron” was killed and the Drow Mettz’r “BlackShadow” was chosen by the Pirate Lords to take his place.
404 PR There have been rumors about strange events occurring in Amn’s neighbor to the south Tethyr.
Current Time is late 404 PR


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