Realm of Heroes

Session "3"

Swamp water smell never comes out of robes.

We spent the next few weeks staying close to Athkatla, and doing odd jobs around the area. I think we’ve had our fill of pirates for a while. A druid contact of Sannl’s, Alasti, gets in touch, saying she has information regarding people we might contact for help in Mith’lhrast, it being the closest elvan settlement, and probably our next point in the trail to Mith’dranor. Alasti will give us this information, if we will do something for her.

The Emerald Enclave, which Alasti belongs to, wishes her to acquire a nearby elemental relic that has recently become active. The Enclave doesn’t wish it to fall into the wrong hands, and they’ve tasked us with retrieving it. To the north, in the Cloudpeaks, is the river valley of [[St. Carwell’s Vale | St Carwell’s Vale]], where we will find the artifact.

Idrys, a human ranger, and her wolf Mara join us as guides through the river valley. Merrick and Dephyic decide to sit this job out-no doubt due to the pipeweed and beer festival that’s going to be in town. When we arrive at the location, we note that the air is surprisingly fresh and the water astoundingly clear for what is obviously a swamp. The plants are lush and fertile. Idrys tells us the area has recently become known for its healing waters.

We are attacked by a few bullywogs, which are no match for us, and then a band of orcs. Because of his previous kinsman, Brognar attempts to speak to them in Orcish as brothers, but they are more interested in claiming the land as their own.

Near the center of the valley, we came across a set of four pillars, one broken, which surround an alter-like object. A rattling sound comes from behind them, which turns out to be a party of yuan-ti, set on defending the area as sacred to their god Salazar. Brognar attempts to break a pillar and use it as a stone club, but is largely unsuccessful. Kruge attempts to open the sarcophagus alter, but is shocked by a lightning trap. After dealing with the yuan-ti, Brognar tries himself to open the container, and is continually shocked by it until Sannl is able to read the writing on the side and enter the secret knock that disables the trap. Inside is a long, gnarled staff. The crystal on top is filled with a clear glowing liquid. This is the staff of [[St. Carwell | St. Carwell]], also known as the Staff of Clear Water. As it is removed from its resting place, murk starts to creep into the water surrounding the pedestal.


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